Colour in Context
Research group
Computer Vision Center

Computer Center Vision

Edificio O
Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola)
Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 93 581 18 28
Fax: +34 93 581 16 70

The CVC is in the Campus of UAB. The UAB has two railway stations, FFCC (Catalan Railways) and RENFE (Spanish Railways). In both cases, from Plaša de Catalunya to UAB, the train expends about 30 minutes. There are also Sarbus's buses to arrive to the UAB from Barcelona in about 20 minutes.

By car, from Barcelona center to the UAB campus, there is about 15 km.
See the following map.
Apartments and Serhs Hotel Campus are located at Vila Universitaria. Both Vila Universitaria and the CVC are at the UAB campus, however they are at opposite borders of the campus. The CVC is 20 minutes walking from the Vila Universitaria. The UAB has its own free bus service connecting the main centers and faculties with the RENFE Cerdanyola-Universitat station and the Vila Uniersitaria.