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I'm a teaching assistant in the Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona. My subjects are:

Artificial Intelligence: at the Escola TŔcnica Superior d'Enginyeria (ETSE) (UAB).

Expert Systems: at the Escola UniversitÓria d'InformÓtica (UAB Sabadell)

These two subjects include:

Other teaching lines:

Prolog and LISP:

Course at the Escola UniversitÓria d'InformÓtica (UAB Sabadell) about this language for Logical Programming.

Teaching techniques:

  1. Adapting subjects to a new methodology:

    We proposed a way to adapt a subject of Computer Science to a methodology based on groups and the simulation of real projects.
    This teaching experience is summarized in the following article:

    [VaV 2008] - Eines per al desenvolupament de competŔncies d’enginyeria en un assignatura d’IntelĚligŔncia Artificial
    Vßzquez,  Eduard
    Vanrell,  Maria
    V Jornades d'Innovaciˇ Docent (UAB),  Bellaterra (Spain)  |9|2008

  2. How to make an acceptable presentation and a good report:

Skills required for a good project.


Links of interest:

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