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David Rojas Vigo (PhD Student)






Colour Group

Matlab code for some of my research and some general image processing functions are available (soon).

Linear Feature Detection and Matching
A fast and reliable algorithm for linear features (like fibers) detection and matching using their position, orientation and length. Related papers:

Singular Points Detector for Fingerprint Images
An efficient algorithm for core and delta detection in fingerprint images using signum change curves in the directional images. The algorithm is further optimized to achieve faster computational speed. Related papers:

High-Resolution Segmentation for Fingerprint Images
An pixel-wise algorithm for segmentation of fingerprint images. The method uses three pixel features, being the coherence, the mean and the variance. An optimal linear classifier is trained for the classification per pixel, while morphology is applied as postprocessing to obtain compact clusters and to reduce the number of classification errors. Related papers:

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