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Maria Vanrell (PhD)






Colour Group

Colour Naming, a full parametric model has been defined on the CIE Lab space. It is given as 11 memberships functions for the basic color terms.


Colour-Texture perception, spatio-chromatic interaction is modelled as the induction mechanisms of the human visual system. A computational model for brightness induction based on a multi-resolution wavelet predicts brightness induction in the following visual illusions

Colour sharpening, perceptual mechanisms are implemented to build enhanced versions of colour images

Original Images
Enhanced Images


Projects: (Public Fund)

(2007-2011) CREATE - Colour Researach for European Advanced Technology Employment. Marie Curie Actions.

(2007-2010) Color Content Management: Modelling spatial and semantic perception. MEC TIN2007-64577

(2004-2007) Automatic textual annotation of image databases. Spatio-Chromatic visual descriptors. MEC  TIN2004-02970

(2001-2004) Integral Surveillance system based on Computer Vision. CICYT TIC2000-0382

(2000-2001) Automatic People description based on cloth features. FEDER (2FD97-1800).

(1998-2000) Computational color-texture processing for visual inpection in industry. CICYT (TAP98-0618)

(1998-1999) Automatic tile classification based on color-textuure properties. CICYT (Fondos FEDER) FD97-0104

(1996-1998) Defining programming tools for computer vision research. DGICYT TAP96-0629-C04-03

(1992-1995) Texture modelling in multiscale representations. Pneumoconiosis Automatic Diagnosis. DGICYT PB91-0513






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